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When you love cars and performance, you manage to take your life in that direction, no matter what you do. That's the case with Modern Power Concepts president and founder, Bogdan 'Bo' Asciu. A car enthusiast since childhood and a racer in his later years, his passion for cars and bikes has always been a part of his life. His background originates in graphic design and marketing which always included a majority of automotive clientele.

His gaol for MoPoCo originally was to use it as a platform to launch new ideas in alternative energy, but for various reasons that dream never flourished into reality. Now MoPoCo offers a path for manufacturers to get their products out to the markets but with the assurance that isntallation will be kept professional and product brand respresentation maintains inegrity through the sales process.

Upcoming products will feature virtuous attributes such as emissions reduction, consumption rate reduction, power gains, we'll even venture into electrics.

We believe in working together to make better business, like a family helps eachother grow. At the same time we believe in caring about the work we do and the way we do it. This mantra should be carried throughout the system from us to the resellers/installers in the network. Working together to promote, deliver and stand behind the products and work we do, we can bring extreme performance and exceptional quality to car owners everywhere.

Our goal is to help each dealer to encourage their clients to purchase the products we make available. The benefits are inevitably a step up in clientele and the value you can offer them. The policy we hold of No Buy-In, No Contracts, is not new, but we feel is best to enable dealers to invite new and return business without any substantial outlay.


We ask for a simple agreement from dealers that they will actively promote MoPoCo products and display promotional materials we provide in their shops, showrooms, stores, websites, and at shows and events.

While dealers promote on their side, we actively promote the brands we carry to car owners and performance buffs ensuring brand awareness. We let consumers know these products are available now and show them where they can buy them and have them professionally installed.

We hope you join the MoPoCo netwrk of dealers/installers. If you are a performance shop, tuning shop, high end pre-owned car dealer wishing to equip vehicles with more power and better performance, then you are a candidate to join the MoPoCo network.

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